By Nathaniel Goodwin

A great headshot picture can make or break you in the modeling industry, so invest in a coach and get an award winning headshot picture. The first thing photographers, agencies, and modeling scouts will ask a new/experienced model is if they have submitted a headshot picture for the casting/modeling job they are applying for. A head shot picture is the Yin and the Yang moment and is equivalent to the “Head Daddy Rabbit opportunity” models need so they can advance in their modeling careers. Sadly, most new models don’t understand the significance of taking an amazing head shot picture and just go through the motions during a head shot photo-shoot with a photographer.

I have seen many new models get frustrated in the modeling industry because they are not getting call-backs from casting directors, not getting booked for modeling jobs, or they are being denied the chance to be published for a magazine. At Nate G’s Modeling Boot Camp, we take things seriously and all the modeling coaches were standing in the trenches with the new models at the camp. It amazes me how much a model can improve in a short amount of time with simple directions from coaches that care about the models.

If you don’t believe my words, please feel free to check out these amazing head shot pictures from all the aspiring models who attended the first Nate G’s Modeling Boot Camp on August 12, 2016. Each of these ladies brought their A-game and I am delighted to provide a modeling service for them they can cherish for the rest of their lives. This lingering thought foreshadows another question I am sure many people are thinking when they read this important head shot titled blog. Do you need a modeling coach to help you get an award winning headshot picture? The modest response to the above orchestrated question is it depends on what you are willing to do to be successful and how far you want to go in order to have an excellent modeling career. It’s a redundant saying, just like Smokey the Bear’s “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires” statement l see on highway billboards when I drive my vehicle to local destinations.

You don’t need a coach to get a great headshot picture but it sure helps to have one by your side; if you have an opportunity to get one. Practice makes perfect and the only way to get better as a model is to put in the work required to be successful. I am thankful that all these ladies decided to come to Nate G’s Modeling Boot Camp and I look forward to seeing how far they will go in their modeling careers. With that being said, it’s time to deliver the knockout blow on this blog and end it with style. Ladies and gentlemen, “The Galaxy is the Limit!”

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