About Hilda De Leon Xavier

Hilda de Leon Xavier is an outstanding young professional committed to empowering minorities and improving Oklahoma’s multicultural and global education environment. She is well known for her leadership throughout both the English speaking and Hispanic communities of our Oklahoma. As the daughter of immigrants, Ms. Xavier graduated from Northwest Classen High School and since that time has served as a liaison between cultures; a model good-will ambassador. Her unique experiences and volunteering serves as an example to her peers as well as our youth.

Her genuine desire to empower others is evident through her tireless work as a community organizer over the last 20 years. Her passion derives from her beliefs encapsulated in this quote from Maya Angelou,

When you learn, teach. When you get, give.”

Ms. Xavier’s service to our State, and to minority communities in particular, is admirable. She is one of the founding members of Guatemaltecos Manos Unidas organization, which hosts fundraising events for undocumented immigrants caught in crisis situations. She has performed multicultural, folkloric and indigenous dances at hundreds of events around the state raising awareness about different cultures. She serves on the board of the World Experiences Foundation. She is a member of the Hispanic Arts Council of OK, the American GI Forum of Oklahoma, the Asian Society, and the Bethel Foundation as well as numerous other civil rights organizations. In 2012 she volunteered to assist the first Congreso de Mujeres Latinas in Oklahoma, the first full day conference conducted in OKC for Spanish speaking women by Spanish speaking women, sponsored by the Latino Community Development Agency and held at Oklahoma City Community College as Entertainment Coordinator.

Hilda Dance Professional

Since reporting a possible human labor trafficking case within the community in 2013, she has served as a cultural resource and fund raiser for Beautiful Dream Society, a certified shelter for victims of human trafficking in Oklahoma. She is also the OKC Program Assistant to the ‘Temas en Tulsa’ television program. Ms. Xavier serves as the pageant Director of Miss Guatemala Oklahoma and is co-founder of Miss Belleza Woodward, fashion shows and the director for Mr. and Miss International UCO 2016. The unbelievably positive energy that Ms. Xavier exudes as a community volunteer as she participates in numerous charitable events, whether for the Red Cross, the Guatemaltecos Manos Unidos, Mita’s Foundation or any of the many foundations which benefit from her generous spirit.

Time after time she’s been seen to organize community events to facilitate giving to individuals hit by personal disaster. One example of Ms. Xavier’s memorable actions occurred in her involvement assisting the young immigrant family who lost their wife/mother and baby girl off of I-40 during the tornado in the May of 2013; she provided the family personal support as she assisted in funeral plans and repatriation of the bodies to Guatemala, as well as ensuring that the family had their funeral mass conducted by a priest who, along with others from their home country, was able to comfort them in their native language. In honor of them she volunteered to help organize the 2015 Red Cross Emergency Preparedness Fair for the Hispanic Community with the hope that future disasters might be prevented.

Hilda with Friend

The natural leadership exemplified by Ms. Xavier was acknowledged when she was one of the 6 leaders chosen to participate in the Oklahoma City’s Hispanic Chamber of Commerce First Latino Leadership OKC course in 2014. Ms. Xavier is a dynamo in the community, a force for good and a model for young immigrant women in Oklahoma, as well as the world. Hilda is proud to be a member of Candela Latin Dancers from Clips N’ Hips; as well as having her own children’s dance group Eterna Primavera in which she teaches and instills her love for dance, her Latin roots, and her Hispanic heritage to future generations.

Viva Oklahoma Viva Oklahoma