On Wednesday, May 17th, staff photographer Mark Gunter was invited to a reception in honor of a portrait collection on loan to the Robert M. Bird Health Sciences Library (http://library.ouhsc.edu/index). “It is always exciting to share my work with new people. It is fun to watch people realize that a high quality portrait is not something isolated to the art world. When they learn the ‘secret’, that a simple change in perspective can transform a seemingly ordinary location into something extraordinary. I hope that they also see that seeing themselves from another person’s perspective can often reveal the secret that too many people keep from themselves: That they are anything but ordinary.”

Mark Gunter Photographer

Mark is continuing to produce new portraits and has been approached about the possibility of sharing the exhibit in additional galleries. The library staff has also been encouraging a future display of his landscape and wildlife work as well.

The collection of 23 portraits, originally slated to be shown in April 2017, will be exhibited through the summer months.

You can find more information on Mark’s photography on his websites: