Professional Makeup Artist

Niki Gorham is a professional hair and makeup artist in Norman, Oklahoma with a passion for creative design!

She enjoys doing weddings, high fashion shoots, editorial work, as well as works behind the chair at Salons by JC in Moore, OK.

In the industry since 2011 her work has been featured in magazines such as Petite Magnifique, Obscuré, and the Norman Newspaper.

She has also had the privilege to work hair and make up for several fashion shows:

“I do fashion show”

“Hope in the darkness Fashion show”

“For the kids fashion Show”

She loves working with people to help them look and feel their personal best.

Professional Makeup Artist

She went to a Paul Mitchell partner school. The whole fashion world inspired her. Even as a child she was creative with her clothes, hair and makeup. She frequently draws inspiration from people. Making someone feel beautiful brought great happiness and a sense of achievement to her. Making her clients feel confident really empowers someone to be their best at whatever they have before them whether it’s walking down the runway or getting a new job, going on a first date, walking toward their groom, or even feeling more confident for their everyday life.

She just loves people, fashion, hair and makeup. Mixing them all together to make life happen is a great way to live!

Professional Makeup Application

Family Makeup Artist

If you would like to see more of her work, check out her Facebook page.