By Nathaniel Goodwin

Every day, I wake up with the gist to get better as a male model and the fear of failure propels me to reach for new heights in my modeling career. Rejection builds my character and my success in the modeling industry is not something that happened to me overnight.  Many people don’t understand how hard it is to become a paid male model in the industry and the struggles/sacrifices a person must make to be considered a relevant male model in the industry. You have to be willing to work twice as hard as your counterparts so you can distinguish yourself from the competition. You also can’t just rely on natural beauty to get results, you must be tenacious, have a personality, and be professional at all times while you are modeling.

When other models were going out with their friends to have fun during the weekend, I stayed up late looking for new modeling opportunities on my computer because I had an insatiable drive to book new modeling jobs for the next week. I truly believe there is no substitute for hard work and being a workaholic in the modeling industry is considered a life skill that can help a person develop into a man or woman with substance.

Asian Festival

Networking at the Asian Festival

As I have gotten older as a male model, not much has changed, except now instead of putting extensive hours finding modeling jobs in my career; I now put many additional hours making sure my business Nate G’s Modeling Boot Camp is successful. I do have my occasional “Wow” moments like this week; I was confirmed as a booked male model for EJIS upcoming clothing campaign ( The modeling job will be in Austin Texas on May 23, and I am jacked up with excitement like a kid who is a Red-Bull addict.

My EJIS modeling opportunity will consist of a photo shoot that is combined with a video shoot for a full day of work. I will be wearing button-up dress shirts, undershirts, t-shirts, and also a variety of underwear for EJIS. I understand the nature of the modeling industry and how hard it’s to get paid jobs as a male model.  I am very proud to represent for all the male models in the state of Oklahoma and to the people who underestimate the talent brewing in Oklahoma; I proclaim to all of them, don’t tread on us Okies because we are coming up in the modeling industry. “The Galaxy is the Limit and let’s continue to support each other so we all can go the distance!”