Although we have some of the best photographers in Oklahoma working for us, they are not miracle workers. Here is a checklist of things to do within 24 hours of your photo shoot to help ensure you are ready to put your best body forward.

  1. Cut out sodium – this causes bloating and is the number one enemy.
  2. Alcohol – Sorry but this is a no-brainer. There isn’t anyway around this. This does cause bloating. Don’t worry it is only one night.
  3. Water – One of the easiest way to prep for a bikini. Stay hydrated and this will keep your skin looking its best.
  4. Hit the gym, don’t hurt yourself, you are not going to make any over night transformations, this will help get your blood flowing.
  5. Although this doesn’t greatly affect males, ensure you tighten up your bikini line. Don’t get a wax hours before the shoot. This can cause the area to look red and puffy.
  6. Get 8 hours of sleep. Yes, we know you are young and can easily run on two hours of sleep, but get some rest. This will ensure you are performing at your peak.
  7. Arrive wearing loose clothing even a button up shirt. This prevents you from messing up your hair and leaving marks when wearing tight clothing.
  8. Do a check to ensure you have everything. Multiple swimsuits, bottled water, flip flops and sun tanning oil.

Not a long list, but these things will help you get ready to perform at your best.