The Beginning of a Great Friendship

By Nathaniel Goodwin

Modeling is an adventure because you never know where you will end up at or who you will meet. The stars were aligned with the moon when I first met Robert Henry and I still get giddy thinking about the great moments we shared at my first photo shoot. I didn’t know it at the time but eventually we would become great friends and collaborate for a plethora of modeling projects in Oklahoma.

My first photo shoot was rough because my posing was abysmal and my facial expressions were nonexistent. I tried to portray like I was confident at the photo-shoot with Robert but in reality I was scared like Kevin Durant was of becoming a true leader with the Oklahoma City Thunder. My limbs were shaking like a leaf and my thoughts were clouded. It is easy to look at magazines and T.V shows and think you can be a great model but the truth is it takes hard work to distinguish yourself as a premier model.

Friends BlogFriends Blog

Robert was the catalyst who gave me the encouragement to pursue modeling and there is not enough praise in the world I can give to him for believing in me. Ladies and Gentlemen: What you see as the final results of a photo shoot takes hours of hard work by the photographer and the model and there are no short cuts to achieve greatness. Robert has an uncanny ability to make models feel comfortable at a variety of photo shoot settings and he has an artistic talent that is unparalleled.

The above business logo was designed by him and if you ask my personal thoughts, it’s freaking awesome. Check out more from Robert’s Sitekey Studios. Come to Nate G’s Modeling Boot Camp so you can work with him directly and get better as a model! This would normally be the time I would say my motivational phrase to sign off for the day but this time I will let Robert’s business logo say the words for me.

Friends Blog

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