About D. Miles

D. Miles was born and raised in Baltimore Maryland. He is a former United States Air Force Captain. He left that career behind in 2007 to pursue his dreams of owning a business and becoming a model. Little did he know, this career change would lead him to a season in life where he lost almost everything and was living out of his car. He even stayed in a climate controlled storage unit. As he tells it, he had standards and a dream so climate controlled was a must.

“The power of a dream!”

D. Miles persevered by believing in himself, working as a substitute teacher, trying different businesses and eventually borrowing $3,000 to attend modeling school. He finally looked himself in the mirror and admitted, he needed some model coaching. Upon paying the money back in 8 months,  he graduated at the top of his modeling class.  D. Miles has gone on to have some modeling success.

Despite breaking into the industry while in his early 30’s, D. Miles’ experience now includes:

  • Model school graduate
  • Model agencies
  • TV commercial work
  • Print ad work
  • Self-promotion
  • Numerous fashion shows
  • Countless photo shoots
  • Toms’s Formalwear model and spokesman

Even though modeling can be tough and unpredictable, D. Miles enjoys the model lifestyle. He is always eating right, working out, meeting new people, and sharing lessons learned with new models. The best part is getting paid well when the phone sometimes rings.

 D.Miles Fashion Model OKC

Aside from life on the runway, D. Miles can usually be found on the front lines adding value to others by empowering and equipping them to maximize their full potential. Educator, speaker, psychiatric rehabilitation specialist, coach and mentor, he delivers principle based messages that challenges one’s ability to go within in order to have success in ALL areas of life, including MODELING!

He is presently the Founder/Owner of DogsPoopWeScoop (YES, his company gets paid money to pick up dog poop), Coach at Nate G’s Modeling Boot Camp, and is the Behavior Coordinator at Crutcho School for the last 9 years.  Recently voted Chairman of the Crutcho Community Foundation, Mr. D. Miles leverages formal education and self-education in an effort to recognize, he has been given a gift. He is using his example-ship to inspire others to break through the challenges of life. “In many ways we are all on our own journey trying to find our way,” and D. Miles has the love and compassion to get YOU there!

D.Miles Fashion Model OKC