On July 30th, a few of Nate G’s crew visited the Greater Oklahoma City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce event, “Viva Oklahoma!” There were a few reasons we decided to go. One of the gang, Hilda De León Xavier, would be dancing on stage. In addition, there was a runway show and it was a good chance to get a few images and talk to the models.

Just as important, it was a chance to show our support for Clips ‘n Hips, the location for the Nate’s first modelling boot camp! Hilda joined the rest of the Clips ‘n Hips group as they performed several different group and solo dances. The colors were vibrant, the music rhythmic, and the dancers smiling.

 You do not need to be Hispanic or even speak Spanish to enjoy events like this one. Just bring a good attitude, a friendly demeanor, and a desire to enjoy the atmosphere. While you are there, be sure to seek out Hilda and thank her for being a part of Nate G’s Modelling Boot Camp!

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