About Art of Tyme Photography

Primarily a self-taught portrait photographer in the Oklahoma City area. I started out photographing landscapes in countries like Italy, Germany, and Okinawa. I did everything I could that didn’t involve talking to people. Playing with infrared film, developed black & white images, and even tried my hand at nature photography. It was absolutely wonderful. I didn’t have to talk to anyone! I would set up the camera, check the focus, and attach the remote timer; now out comes the coffee with a dab of Kahlua. I thought I found the true meaning of living life.

But I was missing something.

 Beautiful Portraits OKC

I ran into a friend who saw some of my images and asked if I could do her daughter’s portrait senior photos. My response, “Sure at your own risk. I’m a landscape photographer! So I don’t normally take portraits.” After the shoot, I realized what I was missing. My true passion lies in photographing people.

Over 13 years overseas, I decided it was time to head back home. I arrived back to Oklahoma in 2006. While attending college, I took some basic photography classes at Rose State College, where I had the opportunity to work with agency models. Since then, I have been photographing people in Oklahoma City for several years now. I have worked with agencies, shot fashion shows, and even helped aspiring models build portfolios.

Professional OKC Photographer

You can see some of my work in Glass Hat Magazine, a premier Oklahoma magazine featuring the best Oklahoma artists and models nationwide. A couple of my images has also appeared at the Individual Artists of Oklahoma gallery (IAO).

Professional OKC Photographer