Mission Statement:

Nate G’s Modeling Boot Camp provides modeling training for models that are looking to learn how to model and are looking to start their modeling careers in an extremely competitive industry. The boot camp will help models build up their confidence, develop professionalism, and give models detailed instructions for approaching modeling agencies. “Nate G’s Modeling Boot Camp will also support models in their modeling goals and will give models the tools they need to make their modeling dreams turn into realities.” 


The Reason Behind The Workshop:


Most great ideas are generated through random moments and Nate G’s Modeling Boot Camp is a rare oddity. The primary reason behind the existence for Nate G’s Modeling Boot Camp was developed observing a local fashion show in Oklahoma. As a model, you want to give your best efforts on the runway because you never know when the next time you will get booked for a job.

After the local fashion show, I (Nate Goodwin) was approached by a fan (Hilda De Leon Xavier) and was asked why I wasn’t in the show because she came to support me as a male model. I told her I wasn’t in the show because I just started a new job, as an Academic Advisor at Oklahoma State University/Oklahoma City and I didn’t have enough time to devote to the fashion show. She then expressed to me that it would be an awesome idea if I hosted a modeling workshop in Oklahoma because I would be able to help new models develop into professional models.

My modeling workshop interests continued to escalate when I talked to D. Miles after the fashion show and told him of my new revelation. He supported me and told me he would be on board for the project and that many models could benefit from the workshop. The wheels started turning in my head and I felt invigorated. I went home and immediately started drafting the criteria for the workshop.  I knew that a modeling workshop would be my golden ticket to utopia (Zen Moment), so I took the idea seriously and put together a modeling team, and I constructed an outline for the workshop.

Planning for the next Nate G's Boot Camp

Goals for the Workshop:

  1. Help children, female, and male models become premier models and provide them with the confidence they need to succeed in the modeling industry.
  2. One on one modeling coaching from experts in the industry; which will include model poses, runway tips, and how to interact with photographers at a photo-shoot.
  3. Success stories and failure stories that will help models choose what modeling paths they need to embark on.
  4. Describe the different genres of modeling and how to choose a modeling category.
  5. Explain the difference between professional modeling versus for fun modeling.
  6. Network inspiring models with photographers and provide them with instructions on how to be professional models.
  7. Provide models with resources to get modeling composition cards and business cards.
  8. Explain the type of shots that every model needs (Head shots, ½ body shots, ¾ body shots, and full body shots).
  9. Give models websites to join that will help them connect with other models and photographers in the area.
  10. Provide diet instructions for models.
  11. Make sure each model develops a great attitude about modeling and is not afraid to think outside of the box about his/her career.

Advice for Models:

If you want to achieve something great, then you have to be willing to make the sacrifices in your life and do what most people are not willing to do. Many times in your career, modeling will be a challenging experience and you may be tempted to give up because you are not satisfied with the end results.

When you face a dilemma in your life, you can refer back to Nate G’s Modeling Boot Camp and reflect on the coaching you received. The modeling community is a small community in Oklahoma and when you are in doubt, don’t be afraid to reach out to coaches, photographers, and friends within the area, so they can give you the motivation you need to push forward.

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